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Written on 01st Oct 2013

How to find a plumber in London

Finding a plumber in London is a lot easier than in most other parts of the UK but the real question should be: How can you find a reliable plumber and what should you be looking for? There is no doubt that doing your homework beforehand will pay dividends and help you avoid plumbers who are inexperienced or likely to cost you a small fortune in correcting the problems they create. When it comes to finding a plumber, the easiest course of action is to have a friend or family member recommend one since they will have already experienced the plumber’s service and be happy with it.

Ability Plumbers boiler repairFinding a reliable tradesman for those important plumbing jobs

If you’re in a situation where no-one can make a recommendation, or their experience of plumbers isn’t good, you’d be well advised to find a plumber who is a member of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering. The main reason for doing this is that members must hold a recognised qualification in plumbing and/or have extensive experience as a plumber.

Depending on the job that you need to doing, CIPHE holds a register of plumbing and heating professionals so you can be assured that they are least qualified and monitored. Checking up on a potential plumber is very easy since the CIPHE website offers the chance of using a postcode to find a plumber or you can simply call them on 01708 472791.

However, not all plumbers will be a member of CIPHE though you should still be looking for those who have passed relevant qualifications such as HETAS or OFTEC. If you are looking for a plumber to install gas heating for instance then they must be Gas Safe registered.  As stated previously, there are so many plumbers working in London that it could be difficult in targeting a firm you can trust. To that end, you could begin your search with a firm like Ability Plumbers (abilityplumbers.co.uk) who not only have a great reputation but are also willing to answer your questions. They also cover reliable plumbers in Kent.

Find a plumber in London

It’s important that in the search for a reliable plumber, no matter where you live, that you aren’t shy about asking about their qualifications since the industry is plagued by rogue tradesmen who don’t care about the work they do and whether you are satisfied. This issue has been underlined by the people who run the Gas Safe Register who looked into the situation regarding dodgy plumbers and they found that nearly all of those unqualified gas fitters were also undertaking plumbing work for which they were not legally qualified to do.

This frightening situation means that consumers are being put at risk by so-called tradesmen who believe they can make a quick buck from people’s ignorance of their trade and they also take away custom from legitimate plumbers. It’s now more important than ever that consumers check the qualifications of tradesmen they are about to hire and there is enough information online for people to confirm qualifications and to learn what the qualification itself actually means.

For instance, a plumber who says he is Gas Safe registered means that he is suitably qualified for fitting gas elements in a property BUT it does not mean that he is a fully qualified plumbing professional. Most of these professional membership organisations also stress that while being a member means they have the suitable qualifications necessary for membership, it does not guarantee the quality of workmanship being carried out on your property.Ability Plumbers gas certificateA spokesman for Gas Safe said: “People are increasingly asking for proof of Gas Safe registration but they may also be making a potential problem by not checking for other relevant qualifications to ensure the installation is carried out effectively and safely.”

What to ask plumbers before giving them plumbing work

So far, so confusing. Once you have found a plumber that you like and have checked their qualifications, it’s important that you then source another two plumbers so you can then ask them to quote for the job too. This will help ensure that you are not paying over the odds for the work to be done.

In the selection process, you should also check whether the plumber has a callout fee and how many people will be working on the job - this question will be vital because if the plumber in question is charging by the hour then you need to know how much more is being charged per extra plumber. Once you have completed this brief checklist and have found yourself a cheap and reliable plumber, then you need to get the quote in writing which will help guard against any unforeseen costs that may be incurred. The final bill that you pay should not be very different from the first written quotation.

It’s important too that you take the time and opportunity to double-check the quote to ensure that the work being carried out is the same as you have specified and that the bill itself has been broken down to show that the plumber knows and understands your needs and wants. It goes without saying seeing the quote being broken down like this will help protect against any unexpected costs. Like many industries, must plumbers are diligent and experienced and very good at what they do but there are a small number who spoil the reputation of the majority because of their antics. Below this article are some useful contact websites and numbers to help you find a reliable plumber and it’s increasingly important that you use them to avoid the heartache of having a plumbing job go wrong.

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