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Boiler Servicing London

Ability Plumbers has serviced thousands of boilers over the years. What we tend to find is customers are under the impression that a boiler service is an unnecessary expense and only required to be done when the boiler stops working. This is completely wrong! Your gas boiler and central heating system need to be regularly cleaned if they're to remain as efficient as possible. They also need to be regularly inspected to make sure they;re still safe.

Boiler Service London

For comprehensive boiler servicing in London, contact Ability straightaway. We are one of the only few companies that have undertaken advanced boiler servicing courses for all the leading brands, including Vaillant and Worcester. We carry out boiler servicing on all types of boilers, including conventional, system, and combination units. 

Why does my boiler need to be regularly cleaned?

Deposits and Debris build up inside the boiler and central heating system, causing your boiler to work at a higher rate, resulting in higher fuel bills . An annual boiler servicing will include a thorough clean through of any dirty parts, bringing your boiler's efficiency level back to normal. Ultimately, boiler servicing in London can prolong the life of your boiler and save you money!

Why should my boiler be regularly inspected?

Gas boilers have many moving components, seals and safety control valves. There is no guarantee that any of these components will not leak or stop working at any time. If boiler problems are found early they can usually be fixed without much trouble and expense. On the other hand, if an unnoticeable leak was to appear inside your boiler, this can cause serious damage to other parts and possibly blow your boiler's main circuit board, which is a very expensive and very common problem. Last but not least your gas boiler could be leaking deadly carbon monoxide in to your home, putting the life of you and your loved ones a risk. Every year people in the UK die from carbon monoxide poisoning caused by unsafe installations and poorly maintained gas appliances, so protect yourself and your family and arrange for a boiler servicing in London today!

Checks we make we carrying out an annual boiler service:

Don't let your boiler breakdown and leave you and your family with no central heating or hot water. Its wiser to get your boiler serviced regularly keep it in good working order, efficient and safe to use. Call Ability today and let us put your mind at ease. Call: 0800 999 3993