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At some stage drains, traps and waste pipes will require drain cleaning.

Over time dirt, lime scale and grease can build up, drains that are often neglected may need major drain cleaning. If you neglect your drains they can quickly build up fast and cause a major blockage which can be a nightmare to unblock and may result in a expensive bill. Ability Plumbers highly recommend to use a drain catcher to stop lumps of food passing down the drain. We also recommend to run your hot tap for a few minutes after use as this can breakdown grease and prevent future blockages.

Many of our customers tend to try and use acid based chemical to clear the blockage but this also can cause many more problems as the acid can burn through the rubber seals and cause the pipes to leak, resulting in acid and un pleasant water leaking on your the floor. 

Ability Plumbers use special drain cleaning equipment which can cut through the blockage a lot quicker and safer the acid based chemicals. therefore it is a lot wiser to give Ability a call and and let us take the stress out of your hands.

Types of drain cleaning jobs we do:

Dont delay and give Ability a call today, make the right choice by letting us take care of all your drain cleaning requirements. We have many years experience and local engineers on stand by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Free now: 0800 999 3993